love poems for him

A lovely poems example for your boyfriend

When I first saw you, My current rock, My foundation, My eternal love, I was instantly attracted to you, You were there, Across the hall, Completely oblivious of my presence, The minute I saw you, There laughing and going about your business, I knew you were the one for me, I had never felt such […] Read more
love poems for him

How to write love poems for him?

When writing love poetry, it would be wise for all would be scribes to heed and honor the poet Oscar Wilde. In one sentence, he spoke volumes about why most love poems fail. As a poet, he said, All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling For anyone who wants to write love poems, there is […] Read more

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love poems for him

Survive Her Affair – Only Man’s Guide

Forgive? perhaps. Forget? No means in hell. If you wish to be freed from the insecurity that comes once your spouse cheats, and begin enjoying the inner peace, confidence, and saneness you merit, this can be the foremost vital letter you ever read… When I discerned my spouse cheated, I felt humiliated, and angry, such […] Read more
love poems for him

Revive Her Drive – Get the Romance and Intimacy back!

Chances are, like such a large amount of men in an exceedingly long-run relationship, once many years the number (and quality) of your physical intimacy is also deceleration. She may avoid your advances or rarely bit you as a result of she’s afraid it would “start one thing.” Romantic? What specifically will that mean? Flowers […] Read more